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  • Web pages.

    Unique & Responsive websites for you and your business.
  • Programming and Databases

    Database programming in PHP + MySQL.
  • Orders for businesses

    Complicated website elements, spreadsheets with macros, presentations etc.
  • Standing orders + Helpdesk

    Company remote IT support.
  • Relationships that last

    Constant cooperation

We Provide Impressive Web pages!!

We create websites.. We create websites based on WordPress templates with woocommerce stores, as well as complex database pages and various functionalities. We also do website program based on PHP + MySQL programming.

IT orders In Excel, through macro programming, we create sheets, e.g. for document circulation in a company.

Standing orders + Helpdesk We also offer permanent IT cooperation.


Here is our short presentation. Read more about it Our offer.

Our offer

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Kazimierz Kowalski

Kazimierz Kowalski


Functional websites

In today's competitive market environment, website content must lead the reader through a series disarmingly simple thoughts. All your supporting arguments must be passed on with simplicity and grace. And in such a way that the reader reads. I'm interested in the company and its advertising


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